Executive Summary

Queen of the Month (QOM) is a first of its kind Contest that empower women to use the social media as an instrument of change on topical issues in the society. At the end of every month a winner emerges bearing the title of that month with a cash reward and other Consolation Prizes. Winners are selected through voting by the general public and each vote cost N50. QOM is going to derive revenue from voting to the tune of 339,000,000.00 in the 1st year and 69,063,000.00 from the sale of its branded merchandize such as Tshirt and Cap.

Queen of Africa Ltd, the promoter of the Queen of the Month brand proposes to enter into a mutually benefitting relationship with Bet9ja.

This relationship is necessitated because Global Report on Betting shows growth in online sport betting with almost $40b accruing from the total of $250b capitalization from Gambling globally. In Nigeria alone, N5b ($25M) is made everyday from Sport Betting, generated by 60 Million Nigerians representing 30% of the country’s population. Annually Nigeria generates more than N750B from sport betting.

Bringing Queen of the Month into Sport Betting will create a new market segment of women and men for bet9ja and generate new revenue streams worth about N350,000,000.00 in the first year and grow to about N1,380,000,000.00 in the 3rd year.

Aims & Objectives

Discover,encourage and support young talented Nigerians and provide platforms for actualization of their full potential
Discourage the root cause of socio-economic ills in the Society e.g Povety, Female Trafficking, Prostitution, etc.
Promote debate and discourse on women and
Children related issue for public enlightenment.
Using edutainment to economic incentives and empower the youth.
Provide a platform for the emancipation of African Women and economic independence.
Compliment government effort at combating crime through wealth generation and equal distribution.
Network the world to create a common front to combat social ills such as human trafficking (Modern Slavery), etc.
Generate Return on Investment (ROI).

Business Overview

QUEEN OF THE MONTH is focused on Nigerian youths between ages 18-40 who characteristically love quality entertainment and none the less very entrepreneurial, though the Entertainment Industry has not fully diversified to cater for these growing and complex needs of the youth population, hence the need for our QUEEN OF THE MONTH contest which runs every month all-year round. It is the first of its kind anywhere and it is designed to spread all over the world soon!

QUEEN OF THE MONTH is an online platform that allows young people contest against each other by campaigning on topical issues using the social media as an instrument of change. At the end of the month, the Winners are selected based on contestants with the highest number of votes which are giving by the voting public. Each vote cost N50 only. At the end of each contest the Winners on a monthly basis are rewarded with financial gifts and other consolation prizes to help them achieve their personal aspirations, education, entrepreneurship, etc.

We believe that through this platform, like Big Brother Naija, Miss Nigeria, Glo Naija Sings, etc QUEEN OF THE MONTH can contribute its quota in impacting the society positively, empower our youths financially, create jobs and at the same time generate return on Investment (ROI).